Some of the wild plants that grows around the farm includes.  asparagus, mushrooms, herbs: mint, thyme, oregano, truffles, chicory, fennel blooming in july, borage, crispini. Chamomile, balm-mint, stinging nettles for cooking, truffles winter and summer, fennel, roots, Wild strawberries and blackberries.
The woods surrounding the farm contain a natural abundance of wild plants. A walk in the forest reveals herbs including thyme and oregano, berries, mushrooms, truffles, and more. They come and go as the season change, but a knowing eye can always find something to add to the table. These wild plants are wonderful additions to daily cooking, bringing with them rich, hearty flavours and wonderful medicinal benefits. With the spring rains come wild asparagus shoots that bring rich flavour to pasta sauce or a fresh frittata. Steeped chamomile makes a soothing herbal tea, while the leaves of wild fennel add a fresh twist to salads and sandwiches. Truffles, a particular regional delicacy, are wonderful with pasta or bruschetta. The possibilities are endless, and just out the back door. Part of this project is learning to efficiently use what grows around us. Thus living off the land in this way is not just about organic farming; it is also about using what the land offers. It is a way is a way of opening our eyes to the harmony and natural bounty of the forest.