Our aim is to follow the model of the villagers: to live in a very simple way and be as self-sufficient as possible. Although our farm could easily be connected to the electricity grid, we intentionally have decided to not use it. In the future, we may consider the possibility of solar power. Our society depends too much on electricity, and in producing it we hurt our Mother. Not to mention how much we waste---just think of all the times that you leave the light on when you exit your room: a simple action of neglect that offends nature. Also, not having electricity presents the fantastic opportunity  to follow the beautiful,  natural pattern of  day and night. If you desire to stay up later, you can light a candle and sit around the table, or the fireplace---how lovely!

 We use large amounts of green compost obtained from pruning leaves and cleaning the land, as well as animal compost to enrich the soil for our vegetable garden. We have a compost toilet, and use the resulting fertilizer to nourish our fruit trees, olive trees and flowers. Since this farm does not have a  septic tank, the water goes straight into the soil, and so we use only biodegradable soap, shampoos, dish washes etc. For showering, we have an outside structure with firewood heated water.

Self-sufficiency is our ideal, and our main goal. From late spring until early winter we produce vast crops of fruit, and this, combined with the abundance of vegetables that we grow twelve months a year brings this ideal closer and closer to being a reality. What's more, there are many edible wild plants available in the woods around the farm that can be for cooking, teas, and herbal remedies. The medicinal properties of these plants can cure everything from stomach aches and period pain, to alleviating head aches and mending wounds. We plan on further educating ourselves to use these free, and valuable resources that Mother Earth so generously offers.  

This project is open, without a rigid structure, and always  evolving. We welcome all constructive criticism, ideas and suggestions.