The area has a lot to offer people who want to discover the local tradition and participate in authentic (and non-touristy) events. 


For those interested in food, truffles can be found in Pescosolido and the nearby village of Campoli, a region where the black (Scorzone) and white truffles thrive.   In the summer and fall there are several festivals, which celebrate their harvest.  There are other food festivals, which feature homemade pasta, asparagus and chestnuts.  


The area is also famous for music. In the summer there are many music festivals. Among the most famous is the blues festival in Isola del Liri and the Jazz festival in Atina.


We welcome you to our international gathering. This free event is for beautiful people from around the world to have the opportunity to meet one another and come together to celebrate the beauty of life and nature.  This year it will be for five days, four nights lasting from July 30th  until August 3rd.  The first two nights we will stay on the farm.  The next two nights will be spent in a big meadow called Il Prato di Pescosolido at the foot of the mountain in the same village.

Thanks to the enthusiasm of the organizers and the support of the local municipality, the event and all of the optional activities (hiking, yoga, live music, horse events and much more) are free.

The summercamp continues to grow and improve each year. Last year 100 people attended. People came from all over the world, including: Brazil, Korea, Norway, Poland, England, US, Latvia, France, Italy and the list goes on.

How To Participate

To register, please send an e-mail. Bring your tent and sleeping bag. There will be pit toilets and  water available. On the farm, there is a wood-stove and wood-burning oven and plenty of firewood available for cooking. On the meadow, local organizations will cook yummy local food that can be purchased for just a few euro. All proceeds will be used to support a local non-profit organization that encourages children to be active by playing sports.